Frequently Asked Questions

What can a rising Chinese middle class mean for my products and company?

The decision to tap into the growing Chinese middle and upper class is your company’s alone.  By 2010, it is expected there will be over 400 million middle and upper class Chinese people in urban and suburban settings.  The United states is the third most populated country in the world with a shade over 300 million people, total.  China has such a large, and now capable, consumer market it is simply too large of an opportunity to ignore.

What are the potential risks involved in entering the Chinese market?

While there are obvious monetary risks involved in moving into a new market, or attempting to grow an existing market, TransChina Solutions has employed a structure to make these risks as moderate as possible.  The risk companies should be more acutely aware of are overestimating the speed and magnitude of possible investment returns.  TransChina Solutions works with extreme diligence to ensure returns on investment are enjoyed as quickly as possible, but unrealistic expectations loom as one of the largest risks when entering the Chinese market.  Only when analysis is done properly and communication is solid is this risk is effectively managed.

Is there a price difference between the two establishing distribution network approaches?

No. The cost structure is the same for both of the establishing and expanding distribution networks approaches.  The same initial reports and analysis are completed regardless of whether your company or TransChina Solutions is making the final decision.

What are the some of the barriers to entry into the Chinese market and how does TransChina Solutions help alleviate these challenges?

The path to establishing your products in the Chinese market can be a very onerous endeavor due differences in culture, business practices, government regulations and the lack of local presence.  TransChina Solutions employees business professionals who are both native English speakers who can speak Chinese and native Chinese speakers who can speak English. Our people have experience living and working in both the United States for major corporations as well as working for large Chinese companies and the government, such as the Dalian Free Trade Zone.  TransChina Solutions enjoys the ability to draw thoughts, ideas and experience from a truly international atmosphere.  Our people make the difference.

Is it possible to complete a market analysis and then collaborate with TransChina Solutions?

This is not the optimum situation as synergies are realized when TransChina Solutions works on both the market viability analysis and determining the best match for your company’s needs. If, however, a market analysis has already been completed, TransChina Solutions is capable of using this information to realize the specific needs of your product and how best to fill those needs.

How does TransChina Solutions handle protecting my intellectual property in China?

Much pressure has been administered to the Chinese government to crackdown on Chinese offenders.  This has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of companies willing to dabble in such affairs. At TransChina Solutions, we take the handling of your intellectual property very seriously.  In most instances it is necessary to apply for a patent in your home country, which should cover your product in that country, but remember patents are highly territorial in nature.  As such, applying for a Chinese patent for your product may be advantageous as it will enhance the level of legal remedy your product enjoys in both your home country and China.  TransChina Solutions can assist you in securing a Chinese patent, ensuring everything gets done efficiently and correctly. TransChina Solutions believes the best way to protect your intellectual property is to work with the people we know and trust.  There is little doubt, success lies in the establishment of collaborative relationships with your partners.