Supply Chain Management

Establishing and expanding your distribution network is an integral part of TransChina Solution’s core competency.  Establishing high-quality collaborative relationships and ensuring accountability afterwards are the keys to efficient and therefore lucrative opportunities in China.  This is where TransChina Solutions excels.  Over the years TransChina Solutions has developed many, many solid relationships with distributors, wholesalers, retailers and governmental specialists who are time tested and trustworthy.

TransChina Solutions is committed to ensuring that established supply chains are working toward goals as if they were one large company.

TransChina Solutions has two different, but equally effective, approaches which are generally employed for establishing distribution networks.

  • The first is TransChina Solutions providing a short list of the best possible companies to collaborate with to create a win-win situation.  This approach is accompanied by a  detailed report on the pros and cons of each relationship.  From this report your company is able to discern which relationship is best for your company.
  • The second approach is for TransChina Solutions to decide who the best company is for you to collaborate and begin the relationship.  The detailed analysis is completed for every product regardless of who is making the final decision.  Moreover, a report rationalizing our decision is always provided.